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Winners of the Good Gear ZA & Jakaranda Children's Home Art Competition!

We recently ran an art competition in collaboration with the Jakaranda Children's Home and the amount and quality of the artwork has been overwhelming!

The competition allowed the children at the home to unleash their creativity and attack a pair of socks with their most unique and artistic ideas. We then had the difficult task of choosing winners and using these designs on our sports gear so that we can donate back 28% of all sales!

As is always the case, choosing a winner has been exceptionally difficult. We even had to bring in an external jury to help decide the top three!

But in the end, we decided on the following artworks (we cannot disclose any details of the winners for their own protection):

First Place

We felt that this artwork makes a strong initial impression and would appeal to a very wide audience. The geometric shapes and simple yet strong use of colour 'speaks sport' and is going to look fantastic once printed on a sports sock, cycling jersey, running shirt, or any other sports gear!

Second Place

This is where judging became exceedingly difficult because all the contenders were close from this point. We liked this submission for the effort put into the work and how fun the artworks are. We cannot wait to show these off on our gear!

Third Place

Things got even more difficult at this point and we had to call in an independent jury before we started fighting over third place. This artwork won third place by a close vote. But what clenched the podium spot was, just as the first-place prize, the elegantly simple but powerfully striking pattern and colours.

Special Mention

Although this artwork didn't make it to the podium, it really stuck with us in its uniqueness and we will definitely include it in future designs!

A special, special thanks goes out to all the children who participated in this competition. The quality of their work truly surpassed what we could have hoped for. We would have loved to have included far more of the artworks in our designs - and we certainly will in the future! We will make sure that those designs that are used get the full recognition they deserve. The kids are brilliant artists and some even had useful production notes!

As soon as these artworks are digitised, they will be sent for production of our very first sports gear in as performance running and cycling socks. We will then start selling these great looking sports socks and donating 28% of each sale back to the Jakaranda Children's Home where it can be put to good use!

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